I'm sorry I've been so bad at getting posts out more than once a month, but I promise it's been for a really good reason.  As I'm sure you're all aware, we're right in the middle of a large string of really good games being released every week.  I've been out gaming a lot recently, and working on several reviews that I should be able to start putting up later this week.  These include Uncharted 3, Catherine, Professor Layton and the Last Specter, and The Elder Scrolls V (after it comes this weekend).  So stay tuned for some great reviews.  Also, I'm changing up the format for these daily posts.  I've gotten pretty bored just writing the new releases and what I'm playing every week, so I think I'm going to start writing updates with whatever I feel is relevant to the current week.  This could be news updates, my musings over what I recently played, or just general rants (all about video games of course, this is a gaming blog after all!).  So stay tuned for some new content coming soon.  And while you're waiting, check out what Reaper's been working on under the new "Vita News" tab and under the "Playstation Vita" section in the "Game Reviews" tab.  That's all I have for the moment, now pick up your controller and play some games!

07/15/2012 05:14

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