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Alright folks, gaming season is now upon us. Now is the time for the blitz of new great releases just in time for the holiday season. Its also time for all of us to go flat broke. The HUGE release for this week, GEARS OF WAR 3!!! The time is upon us to hoard like crazy, get some "bros" and tear shit up!!! This game to me is always best played with a friend, so I am hoping that Eh-Rok will be getting it ASAP so we can go through the campaign together. This release is again the beginning of things to come, so let the broke gamers of America unite and buy this game together!!! This week also sees the release of the new Fallout: New Vegas DLC. Not sure on much about this one, I haven't researched it enough yet, but its Fallout DLC, so its bound to be good. I will give you an update on it once I have looked into it more.

Now Playing

This week I downloaded a two pack on PSN for my PSP. Killzone: Liberation and Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. I have played a little bit of the Killzone, and even though it is a top down shooter, I am really liking it so far and will write a review on it once I am done with it. I have also been playing some Crisis Core off and on. I am kind of confused by this game in the way that they level you up, but for the most part its pretty fun, so I will keep playing it. Anyways, gotta go get some rest for work bright and early tomorrow. Look for an update from Eh-Rok soon now that his festivities are over with.


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