Modern Warfare 3 has been out for a few weeks now, and I have actively been working on the review since the first week it came out. There were some flaws in it, so I was waiting on the patch, but now the review is finally done! I am just working on the polishing touches, and it will be up and live by 3PM PT today!! Yeah baby!! You can find it here when it is live.       
In a move that shocked me, two former Activision employees,  Dusty Welch and Chris Archer, founded a company called  U4iA  to create a social game that is a hardcore first person shooter. Surprised? So was I. Potentially this is a smart move and has potential because if you really think about it, Call of Duty and Battlefield games are a sort of social game because you often mic up to discuss strategy with your teammates in an effort to take your enemy down.  Basically, they are just taking an already loved genre and making it much more social and enjoyable for those that just love being online and love playing social games typically made by Zynga. A move like this is however, a very risky move in the sense that there is still the potential taht this game could not be as welcomed as they would like it to be, especially since the two sides of Call Of Duty and Battlefield fans are already hugely divided. Could this be the game that brings the two rivalries together to play one massive social hardcore game? How will this be played, free to play, or a monthly service fee? MMO, or be like the console shooters with having a set number of people in timed based rounds? So many questions don't have answers at this moment, but hopefully more details on this game will come as they progress through this project. I wish the two of them the best of luck in this venture, and can't wait to see what we have in store for this game. For all the updated news on the development of this game, keep it locked here!!
Okay, so I have been playing Modern Warfare 3 hardcore lately (keep in mind, its only the Wii version). I am working on getting a review up for it, but I am holding off on completing it until they patch the multi, so I can get an accurate review of the multi capabilities, be patient folks. Although, I will say real quick that I am very impressed with Treyarch and how well they ported this game over. Every night I have been working on this review to try and make it the best I can. Have fun guys!! Vita coming soon!! Be sure and pop over to my Vita News page for the latest updates on the Vita!!
As you can all tell, both Eh-Rok's and my blogs have been off and on dead so to speak. Its not because we don't care, its because we have  a lot of projects we are working on to get this site amazing! Eh-Rok has been working round the clock with new release reviews, getting them written up, I have been working on all things Vita, and we are both working on getting the site more streamlined and user friendly with better organization of everything. We both want to say that we greatly appreciate all of your patience as we work to make this site the best it can be. Again, Thank you
Below you will find the Reveal Trailer for GTA V. This has me wanting to play San Andreas again in preperation for GTA V. This does also appear to be a current gen system release, but my question is, will it be on Vita? Time will tell when we get a release date and system announcement. Be sure to check back for updates on this now anticipated title from Rockstar Games. Comments and Questions below!!!