Alright, this week has been a good week, thinking about selling my Wii and getting a PSP 2000 instead, as it is going to be a lot easier for me to play handhelds while my wife is watching tv then only being able to play while she is at work  2 days a week. Time will tell though, I am always changing my mind, ha ha. Either way, I am getting a new console this holiday season. Today, I am going to be doing my blog a little different. Instead of telling you what I am playing, we are doing a discussion on the Vita and the Wii U. Let's begin. 

New Releases  

This week saw quite a bit of releases, couple of them were anticipated, the rest were just there. Let's start with Back To The Future: The Game-Episode V: Outatime came out on PS3. Not much to say there, probably won't be that good at all.  Next we have number one of the 2 anticipated releases: Catherine, on PS3 and 360. This game was one I was even waiting for, it looks like its going to be an amazing game, and according to Eh-Rok, it is indeed, and that will probably be one of his next reviews. From the advertising, it appears to be a very provocative game,  although Eh-Rok says that is not necessarily the case. The graphics on this game appear to be what can be expected for PS3 and 360. This is definitely going to go on my list of games I have to get once I get a new console. Next we have Dragon Age II: Legacy on PC, 360 and PS3. This DLCis going to really appeal to Dragon Age players, although from what I have read so far, some of the Dragon Age players that are reviewers have been disappointed in this DLC so far, they have preferred Dragon Age over this one, I will probably rent it though just to see for myself, not sure if Eh-Rok purchased this one either. Next we have Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions on 3DS. I don't expect much from this game, its just another Pac-Man style game, although if I had a 3DS, I would probably buy it, for the sheer fact that a classic like Pac-Man never gets old. Next up is Section 8: Prejudice on the PS3. This is an arena shooter, said to be just like Section 8, only with better visuals, and a stronger online play. Probably not going to get a very good fan base, but maybe worth giving it a whirl.  Lastly we have Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, a third person action shooter on the PS3. 

PS Vita vs. Wii U (from a handheld standpoint) 

Alright, you may me wondering why I said from a handheld standpoint, it is simply because where they stand right now, Nintendo has only basically shown off the controller, and stated that you can play your games on it, like a handheld. Now what thye didn't say was if it was fully portable, basically making it a DS with a bigger screen, which would be cool. However, the biggest downfall for me with this controller so far is the size. Now of course, I am not going to complain about it being too big, as I have not held it yet, but from the dimensions of it, and the images I have seen of it, it does appear to be very awkward to hold it in your hands. Antoher debate I have is if the controller itself will be rechargeable, or if they are going to stick with what they had with the Wiimote and make you buy a rechargeable aftermarket battery pack if you want a rechargeable remote, especially since both 360 and PS3 now are standard to have rechargeable remotes, Nintendo better step up on that. At E3, they showed that the game you are playing on TV can be easily stopped and resumed on the Wii U remote without missing a beat. Well, the question then arises, how far can you go from the console before it won't read each other anymore? Do you have to be in the same room, the same house, or can you even take it with you? I doubt you will be able to take it with you, not getting my hopes up about that. Not much has been said about the console, although it does look like its going to be about the size of the 360, but I fear that they focused so much on the remote and the capabilities of said remote, where are they going to lose the momentum with this console? I will definitely have to try it all out first before I really decide on if I am going to buy it, plus I want to see what third parties are going to do with this console first.  

Alright, now to my favorite, the PS Vita. I am really excited for this handheld to be released later this year, and I don't care how much it is, I am going to be getting it. There are already a lot of descent titles for release with it, like uncharted and Little Big Planet 2. The screen is going to be much more crisp than anything in the past, but the one thing that is making me nervous is the latest rumour going aroudn that they are going to drop the amount of RAM in it.  Although I doubt this will really affect gameplay, it is still a dissappointment that if it turns out to be true, developers won't be able to go the limit on their new games. Next up that is really cool, dual control sticks, which will give it more of a PS3 remote feel, but in the same respect, doesn't really make it as portable, as you won't really want to slide that in your pocket and risk snapping the control sticks, but that issue can be resolved with a hard case, of which I am sure they will release for it. Sony is going to offer a Wi-Fi version and a 3G version using AT&T (booooo!!!!). Eh-Rok and I are more than likely going to get the Wi-Fi version because both of our houses have Wi-Fi, and there are so many Wi-Fi Hotspots now that you don't really have to worry about not getting that internet connection when you need it when your traveling. The screen might have some resolution problems outside with glare, but that is no problem for me because I will mainly be using it indoors. I am ultimately hoping that they will try and compete immensly with the 3DS and bring internet to this handheld and possibly Netflix? That would be a huge advantage for them to enable that. Unfortunately, they are keeping a lot of the details in the dark, only releasing bits at a time, which is frustrating, but also a very smart marketing move  on Sony's part. The part on the Vita that I am worried about though is the dual touch screen, but again, I am keeping an open mind until I try it out for myself, but it also won't hinder my decision to buy this, because you can still use your basic controls if it gets frustrating. I think Sony is getting into something really good with this handheld, especially since they are working on getting PS3 titles avail. for the Vita, I would love to see them bring Infamous over to the Vita, and I wouldn't really be surprised if they did, that would just encourage me getting the Vita even more because even though I don't have a PS3, I have played the demo for Infamous 2 in the store, and LOVED it! 

Well, that is all for this week, everyone have a great week, I know I will, its supposed to actually be nice weather here.  Everyone get out there and game, while rocking out!! Be sure and check out my new music review, dropping now! Go go go!!

Hopefully everyone had a great week, I know I did, I had a yard sale over the weekend, made some money so I can't complain. This week is going to be a busy week for me with work and house work right when I get home, so lets begin. 

New Releases 

Again, there was not much being released this week to get too excited about. However, there are still a few good new releases worth brief discussion. First is the L.A. Noir: Reefer Madness DLC. This is basically a new case that expands on the last one from the game disc. If you were a fan of L.A. Noir, definitely you should download it, as it is sure to be a hit with fans. Next up is the latest Harry Potter game, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Not much to say about this one, maybe it will be better than the other ones, but I am pretty sure at this time, its safe to say that this game will be the same song and dance as the other Harry Potter games, which is, not that impressive, just okay graphics, and same type of gameplay over and over again. The one that I am looking forward to this week is NCAA Football 12, Its Game Day Baby!! This game is sure to impress if you have played any of the other ones from the past. You can tell that they have listened to their fans, fixing the controls, designing a much better control scheme and a lot better flow in the overall gameplay. This game is on my list of must haves if I win that PS3 next week (stay posted to see if I end up winning it). The introductions for the teams has been revamped and has a lot more detailed intros for each team, making you feel like you are actually there in the game, staring down your opponent. If you’re a sports fan, definitely this is one worth adding to your collection! 

What I Am Playing 

This week I was very busy with the yard sale and trying to find a different job, so I didn't have much time to play at all. But one of the games that I did play this week was Monster Hunter Tri. This was a highly anticipated game at the time it was released. The sad news is that it had been so long since I have played it, I had to start over to refresh myself on the gameplay and what you need to do. For the Wii, this game has very impressive graphics and some thrilling gameplay for being so RPG style, especially since I am not normally one to play an RPG style game, I usually find them very boring, however, this one has always had me intrigued, and I want to keep playing. Another game that I played this week from the beginning was The Conduit, another great game for the Wii. It does have a very short campaign, but I am loving going through again and taking my sweet time on each level, trying to collect everything there is so that I know I have beaten it to 100% completion rather than just rushing through it to beat it. I am soon going to get The Conduit 2 and hopefully write a review on it. Finally, I played some more of Rock Band 3. Not much to update with that one, they are always releasing new tracks for DLC, I am just trying to get it beat so I can get some new tracks on it. 

Well that is all for this week, tomorrow there will be a new music review, I just need the rest of this evening to finish listening to all the albums, there was quite a bit of good releases this week. Stay tuned for Eh-Rok's blog for this week, he is camping right now, but is going to try and post from his PS3. If he can't he will be writing a long one next week.