What's New 

A couple of releases this week I am really amped for. Call Of Duty: Rezzurection DLC, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Rezzurection is alledgedly going to be the last of the DLC for the Black Ops game from the COD franchise. Who knows with them, but this DLC will surely amaze as the others have before. Of course, Eh-Rok is in Hawaii on his honeymoon, and I don't have a 360, but when he comes home, I am pretty sure he is going to buy it, and we are hoping to play this weekend, and I will let you all know how it is. This is an all zombie map pack, with one of them being on the moon, which will surely be pretty badass in itself. Sad to see the DLC for this game come to an end, however, Modern Warfare 3 is on its way, so we won't have to wait much longer for new Call Of Duty to play!!! Deus Ex: Human Revolution came out on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC this week as well, and is highly anticipated. I believe Eh-Rok is getting this one as well, so watch out for his blog on it if he is, I know he like Deus Ex. From the Screenshots and videos I have seen from this game, I am extremely jealous that I can't play it, although, I might get it on PC. As you all know, I have had Eh-Rok's PS3 this week while he was gone, so I played a lot of Killzone 2, Infamous, Infamous 2, God Of War III, and Assasin's Creed, so watch for an updated blog from me. 

What I am Playing 

For now, I am not going to put anything here, I will do an updated blog this weekend for what I am playing, because I am hoping to buy a PSP this week. Right now though, I have Eh-Rok's PS3, loving it! Killzone 2 is an amazing shooter, I really wanna try Killzone 3 after the demo of it I played, it appears to be a very solid franchise from what I have played. I made it through most of Infamous, and even though I am not big on superhero games, this game amazed me! You knew you were a superhero per say, although you could be a bad guy (I never did), but at the same time, the amount of game play it had and the different things you did on your missions and side missions made it feel like an RPG in a way, a shooter, and a superhero, all in one! I loved the start of Infamous 2 as well, and I hope someday I can finish playing it (hoping I get a PS3 someday). God Of War III was what I expected it to be and more. Tyical Krados ripping apart baddies, and great gameplay with even greater of a storyline from the other 2 God Of War games. Assasin's Creed was odd to me, simply though because I haven't played the other games in that franchise, so I was really confused as to what to do and what was going on. All in all it has been a fun week with his PS3, and I am sad to give it back to him, but hopefully I get that PS3 this week to start reviewing games on that. Wish me Luck!!! 

Have a great week everyone, and keep on gaming!!
This Blog and the Music Review Blog is a couple of days late, and I apologize, I was really busy with 4th of July and family last weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth (and still have all their fingers and toes). 


New Releases  

    Not many releases this week that I was really excited for, but Mafia II: The Director's Cut came out today, which pretty much means not much, as it's still pretty much the same thing with some added things like extra dialogue and a little extra gameplay to make it a little more appealing. I have never been a big fan of Mafia, so I was not too excited about this next release. To me its just another way that they are trying to make more money off of the game. Another one that was basically a re-release was the Resistance 2 pack that came out this week. Resistance has always seemed like a really good franchise, and from what Eh-Rok has told me about it, it's very similar to Coall Of Duty and Killzone, and from the gameplay I have seen, I would say he is right. I am very excited to hopefully someday get my hands on these games and play them as I have always been a big fan of both Call Of Duty and Killzone and their gameplay. In addition to being a good game, its also 2 games for $40 bucks, which is always a great deal in my book, and a great way for companies to capitalize and get a good profit going.

What I'm Playing  

    First, let's start with Annihilation Map Pack. We did indeed get to play it last week, and yet again, Treyarch has not disappointed. I had a very high death rate of course to start the maps as I was more about exploring them the first few rounds to get familiarized with the layout of them. My favorite would have to be Drive-In. To me, this map had a lot of potential for snipers, making the map that more challenging. I am more of a run-and-gun player, and there was more than ample enough places for me to take cover from the snipers and pick them off like they are trying to do to us. The Zombie map was another impressive map to me, even though I suck at the zombie maps. We only made it about 6 rounds in that map, but from what we saw of the map it was pretty big and very impressive. I wish we could have went more rounds, but oh well, we suck at zombies, that's life, and it was still a really good map. Although I really enjoyed the maps, I kind of hope that Treyarch is done with the map packs for Black Ops, especially since if you have bought every map pack so far, you have almost spent as much as you did on the disc itself. On my system, the Wii, I went and bought Rock Band 3. The biggest difference I have seen is the career, and I don't like how they have made it to where you have to beat goals, it’s a weird change that I will have to get used to. I do enjoy the updated playlist though, it appears to have a lot of good song choices. In addition to that, the fact that you can use basically a real guitar or a real drum set on Pro is a very cool feature that I might eventually try. I also started Goldeneye over again, this time taking my sweet time on each level and exploring it to its fullest capability instead of rushing through to beat it. I tried the multiplayer, and it was fun, but compared to Black Ops, it has very stiff controls, I am almost tempted to try the nun chuck and Wii remote instead of the CCCP (Classic Controller Pro). I didn't get a chance to play Resident Evil 4 yet, but tonight my wife works, so I plan on getting in a little game time on that and Goldeneye tonight after the kiddos go to bed. I have less than two weeks until I find out if I won a PS3 in a contest, so keep your fingers crossed that I do get it so I can start writing cooler reviews than just the same old Wii games.

As always, we appreciate any feedback and I hope everyone has a great rest of your week!!
I will be following the same format as Eh-Rok for my blogs, I feel it is great to go over new releases with all of you, our thoughts on them, as well as let you know what we are playing, letting you kind of see what we are all about and what types of games we enjoy.  Until I get another system (hopefully soon) most of what I will be playing will be outdated Wii  games, but will still give you all a good perspective, and as always, comments are greatly appreciated!

New Releases  

The biggest release this week that I am excited for even though I can't get it is the Annihilation DLC for Black Ops. Eh-Rok will be getting it, so I will be able to play with him on it, but I am psyched because Treyarch has put a lot of heart into this game and has not let gamers down. One of my anticipated maps is Hazard because I love bigger maps, even though they come with a lot of campers. I love the challenge of trying to be able to get across the map to the spawn points to get everyone, while trying to not get hit by snipers. Drive In and the new zombie map look like they are going to be some of my new favorites too, especially with me being a run-and-gunner, guaranteed to gain a lot of XP in Drive In!  Also coming this week is UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness system  coming to PS3, and 360, this game is interesting to me. It looks like a good workout game, but really, who wants to sit there and punch air?  It would have been really cool if they had some sort of peripheral with it, like an actual bag or something like that for you to actually hit, that would have been awesome. I own the Wii Active games, and those seem awfully repetitive on the types of workouts, and this game appears to be the same way, only with some boxing thrown in. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is coming out, as well as Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, Sniper: Ghost Warrior. On the 3DS we have Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, which from the trailers looks like it could be pretty bad ass, especially alone in a dark room, but it has a lot of competition still with Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D that just came out too. That one was much more anticipated, so I feel any releases over the next couple of weeks on the 3DS will be in the shadows compared to Zelda, but we will see.

What I'm Playing  

Last week I went to visit family out of state, so I really didn't get a chance to do a lot of gaming (I really wish I had a handheld on that trip, ha ha). This week though, I will be getting on 3 games on the Wii: Tiger Woods 12, Black Ops, and restarting Resident Evil 4. Tiger Woods 12 to me is a great way to relax right after work, or when I feel like golfing but don't have the money, Tiger Woods is always a good alternative to that, other than that though, this game is not on my hardcore play list. Call Of Duty: Black Ops is my favorite FPS on the Wii right now, and the game that I play the most, only on multiplayer at this point. The main interest for me is the fact that there is so much replay value, always trying to get to the next Prestige Level. I will be the first to admit that compared to the 360 and PS3, this version SUCKS, but hey, since all I have is Wii to play it on for now, its pretty bad ass, and I feel that I am very good at it. When I get a new system, it will be one hell of a challenge to get where I am at on the Wii, but more than willing for the challenge. Finally, I decided to clear my save file and start over on Resident Evil 4. The first time I played this game, I never finished it, it kicked my ass, I got pissed, and put it away. Now there aren't any really good zombie games on the Wii, and I have been craving zombies since playing Left 4 Dead 2 with Eh-Rok, so I am going to give this game another whirl, let's hope I don't get pissed and put it away and that I am still playing it next week, it all depends on my workload for the week. Hopefully this weekend Eh-Rok and I will be playing the new COD map pack and some more Left 4 Dead 2, we will both give you an update on that next week. 


Well, that is it for me on my first blog post, I will be starting to do more music reviews too, as I am a huge music fan. We are also going to try and add shows/movies, but that will come at a later time, I hope you enjoy our blog, please give us any feedback. My posts will more than likely be every Monday, and Eh-Rok's every Thursday, this way it gives you guys more variety for the week. Every Tuesday, keep an every out for a new blog from me with new music reviews, as I listen to a lot of the new releases that come out, across all genres. Thanks for reading, enjoy your week!