In a move that shocked me, two former Activision employees,  Dusty Welch and Chris Archer, founded a company called  U4iA  to create a social game that is a hardcore first person shooter. Surprised? So was I. Potentially this is a smart move and has potential because if you really think about it, Call of Duty and Battlefield games are a sort of social game because you often mic up to discuss strategy with your teammates in an effort to take your enemy down.  Basically, they are just taking an already loved genre and making it much more social and enjoyable for those that just love being online and love playing social games typically made by Zynga. A move like this is however, a very risky move in the sense that there is still the potential taht this game could not be as welcomed as they would like it to be, especially since the two sides of Call Of Duty and Battlefield fans are already hugely divided. Could this be the game that brings the two rivalries together to play one massive social hardcore game? How will this be played, free to play, or a monthly service fee? MMO, or be like the console shooters with having a set number of people in timed based rounds? So many questions don't have answers at this moment, but hopefully more details on this game will come as they progress through this project. I wish the two of them the best of luck in this venture, and can't wait to see what we have in store for this game. For all the updated news on the development of this game, keep it locked here!!

09/24/2012 09:07

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