Every product Sony makes that they anticipate a big product launch, they come up with some sort of proprietary memory card or other accessory that you have to buy to use their product. In case they haven't been paying attention, every time they do this, they fail miserably at it. When they first came out with their video cameras, the memory for them was proprietary and had to be purchased in order for you to be able to make home memories.  It didn't take long for third party developers to create their own memory cards and sell them at a more reasonable price than Sony, forcing Sony to finally lower the cost of the memory cards for their cameras.

    The latest example to com from their proprietary empire is the UMD's for the PSP.  These discs were smaller than a normal CD encased in some sort of plastic case. While they looked cool, they were small and easy to lose, but they were the only way to play games when it first came out, and you had to have their proprietary memory stick duo to be able to save game files. Again, didn't take long for third party companies to make the same memory stick duos and sell them for a lot less than Sony was, forcing them AGAIN to lower the price of their brand of memory cards.  However, they still have not learned their lesson from all this as we can tell by their newest memory cards for the Vita.

    These cards are not gong to be cheap either, at the smallest of 4GB being 29.99 and the highest of 32GB being nearly half the cost of the entire system itself.  On top of that, Sony has said that in order to get DLC and even save some of your games, you need to have the proprietary memory card to save all your data. Hmmmm, wonder how long before a third party develops the same card and sells it for the price it should be?  Hopefully before the North America launch, because I myself will only be getting the 4GB because that is too expensive for a little memory card. Sony also said that there is a way to backup your Vita data to your PS3, whether that includes saved game files or just general data, time will tell. However, if it is everything, you better believe I will only have the game I am playing saved to my Vita memory card while the rest of my data is on the PS3.

    Sony, please avoid what is bound to happen and lower your prices on the memory card before a third party company beats you to it, or before the 3DS looks more appealing to people as that doesn't even require memory cards, and is already cheaper for the system.


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