DISCLAIMER: I am not a psychologist by any means, have not hard core researched this topic, this will be strictly opinion base from me, don't hash out on me for facts to back what I am saying, as this will be strictly opinion based!! Thank you, and enjoy: 


    Alright, so this week I am only focusing on this topic, so check Eh-Rok's Blog page to get the latest on new releases. I am writing about Violence in Games vs. Violence in this world, because right now, it is the hottest topic rising, especially with the latest riots happening in London and blame being put on social media and gaming. First, I want to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the London riots, and the victims and families affected by the ridiculous shooting spree in Norway. A lot has come out of Norway because that jerk-off Anders is saying he used Call Of Duty to train for this shooting spree and get insider info on how policing works. That is crap, the most Call of Duty can offer you is war simulation, it does not provide any insight what so ever on how military or police run their operations, the most that it tries to make realistic to real life is the guns, even then, in real life, you can't really tag your gun. So what that guy is saying is crap, knowing that people will freak out and start blaming the gaming industry, which sure enough did happen, a lot of stores in Norway started to pull violent games off of their shelves. This guy had every intent of doing what he did, game or not, just he did his research and knew that if you blame it on some sort of social thing, be it music and T.V. (like Columbine) or social media (Riots in London, story after the jump), and then people just automatically blame it on these industries, making them the enemy when in fact those people are just dumb and ass holes (excuse my language). The only people that I feel have any excuse of mental problems with violence are soldiers that suffer from PTSD after coming home from war, now those guys have seen a lot of messed up stuff, in REAL LIFE, not some freaking video game!! I myself have played all kinds of shooters throughout my life, in fact, I usually will choose any FPS over any game any day of the week. Am I a violent person? I have never thought violent things, never wanted to take a gun and shoot people, never wanted to blow stuff up (except fireworks, but every guy does that). Its just ludacris to think that people actually think that playing video games influences your kid's thoughts and actions, its called bad parenting people. You ignore your kids or treat them like crap, they are going to get angry, I don't blame them, I would be pissed too if my parents didn't show any care for me at all.  This guy was effed in the head, with or without video games to 'influence' him, if anything, video games with some sort of violence are usually a way to get out your frustrations ethically, without doing harm to others. I will admit, when I get pissed, its fun as hell to blow stuff up in COD. Another recent cop out for violence lately has been social media, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    Recently there was a massive a massive riot that took place in London that lasted days before the London police got the situation under control. Stores were looted, buildings were burned, and it was just sheer utter chaos.  And what was blamed for it? social media for allowing teens to spread the word of the riots and get more teens to do the same thing. So what if you take away social media? People still have texting, phones to call each other, and email, there in lies this riot could have happened with or without social media being used to spread the word. What went wrong in these riots was it took the police too long to respond to the riots in force, in turn allowing for word to spread more, more people to think the destruction is cool and join in. The only part social media had in this riot was that the rioting was made public, and it kept us in the United States up-to-date with the events that transpired. The London police could have also have used social media to be aware of these riots before they even started, and could have allowed them to respond sooner to the starting point of the riots and quite possibly de-escalated the situation before it was able to get out of control. 

In conclusion, the only aspect that I agree with those blaming media of any kind on violence is that yes, people that are dumb enough to want to get violent can get ideas by playing these games or talking to other wierdos online, when you look at the big picture, no way in hell does the gaming industry create these games to attempt to teach people how to be violent. Some people were born with bad genes that cause them to have these horrible feelings and to want to act out, not video games. Its not like there is some sort of hypnotism going on here people, wake up and realize that it boils down to they will do it, with or without 'influence' from games!

DISCLAIMER: Again, this was a strictly opinionated article, so do not come after me asking for resources, I have none, this is my opinion, if I offended you, I am sorry, but I am entitled to my opinion, one of which I think that a lot of gamers alike  would agree with. Thanks for reading, Have a great week, and GAME ON!!

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