This Blog and the Music Review Blog is a couple of days late, and I apologize, I was really busy with 4th of July and family last weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth (and still have all their fingers and toes). 


New Releases  

    Not many releases this week that I was really excited for, but Mafia II: The Director's Cut came out today, which pretty much means not much, as it's still pretty much the same thing with some added things like extra dialogue and a little extra gameplay to make it a little more appealing. I have never been a big fan of Mafia, so I was not too excited about this next release. To me its just another way that they are trying to make more money off of the game. Another one that was basically a re-release was the Resistance 2 pack that came out this week. Resistance has always seemed like a really good franchise, and from what Eh-Rok has told me about it, it's very similar to Coall Of Duty and Killzone, and from the gameplay I have seen, I would say he is right. I am very excited to hopefully someday get my hands on these games and play them as I have always been a big fan of both Call Of Duty and Killzone and their gameplay. In addition to being a good game, its also 2 games for $40 bucks, which is always a great deal in my book, and a great way for companies to capitalize and get a good profit going.

What I'm Playing  

    First, let's start with Annihilation Map Pack. We did indeed get to play it last week, and yet again, Treyarch has not disappointed. I had a very high death rate of course to start the maps as I was more about exploring them the first few rounds to get familiarized with the layout of them. My favorite would have to be Drive-In. To me, this map had a lot of potential for snipers, making the map that more challenging. I am more of a run-and-gun player, and there was more than ample enough places for me to take cover from the snipers and pick them off like they are trying to do to us. The Zombie map was another impressive map to me, even though I suck at the zombie maps. We only made it about 6 rounds in that map, but from what we saw of the map it was pretty big and very impressive. I wish we could have went more rounds, but oh well, we suck at zombies, that's life, and it was still a really good map. Although I really enjoyed the maps, I kind of hope that Treyarch is done with the map packs for Black Ops, especially since if you have bought every map pack so far, you have almost spent as much as you did on the disc itself. On my system, the Wii, I went and bought Rock Band 3. The biggest difference I have seen is the career, and I don't like how they have made it to where you have to beat goals, it’s a weird change that I will have to get used to. I do enjoy the updated playlist though, it appears to have a lot of good song choices. In addition to that, the fact that you can use basically a real guitar or a real drum set on Pro is a very cool feature that I might eventually try. I also started Goldeneye over again, this time taking my sweet time on each level and exploring it to its fullest capability instead of rushing through to beat it. I tried the multiplayer, and it was fun, but compared to Black Ops, it has very stiff controls, I am almost tempted to try the nun chuck and Wii remote instead of the CCCP (Classic Controller Pro). I didn't get a chance to play Resident Evil 4 yet, but tonight my wife works, so I plan on getting in a little game time on that and Goldeneye tonight after the kiddos go to bed. I have less than two weeks until I find out if I won a PS3 in a contest, so keep your fingers crossed that I do get it so I can start writing cooler reviews than just the same old Wii games.

As always, we appreciate any feedback and I hope everyone has a great rest of your week!!

07/07/2011 14:09

Sorry, I just had to comment about annihilation since I didn't really talk about it at all in my blog section (I forgot we played this between our last blog post and this one.) I completely agree with you, Drive-In is an AWESOME map! One little trick that goes a looong way though is to wear surround sound headphones, especially in small maps like this. You can hear enemies walking around you and (as long as they're not using ninja)know exactly where they are at all times. This makes from some surprisingly easy kills when you're continuously stabbing people as they mindlessly run around corners.

02/22/2012 05:14

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