Well, now that summer is coming to a close, we are finally getting some nice weather here (better late than never) so I have been doing a lot of yard work in preparation for a lot of family (approx. 30 people) that will be visiting my house this weekend, so I haven't had much gaming, so this week, I am going to talk about a HUGE announcement for Wii COD fans that happened on 08/04, then I am going to discuss a very sensitive topic, violence in games and how it affects people. Let's begin, shall we?

New Releases

There wasn't much New release wise that really appealed to me to feel we should discuss, however, there was a HUGE announcement on 08/04 by Activision for Wii owners that love the Call Of Duty franchise. Activision announced that Modern Warfare 3 will be ported over to the Wii console. What they didn't say however, is the exact release date and who is making it, which you can speculate that a lot of people are thinking that Treyarch is going to do it as they did Call Of Duty: Black Ops on the Wii. I really hope that either Activision does it or that they find someone else to do it though, don't get me wrong, Treyarch did a fantastic job at porting over Black Ops, however, I feel that is where the support for Wii owners from Treyarch stopped, especially since we have only seen patches, no DLC. And right now, they are getting ready to release the final DLC for Black Ops on every other system, and still not one DLC for Wii. Now I still play it, still love it, but would have at least thought they could have ported over some sort of new map pack by now. Who knows, maybe now that they are done doing DLC for the major systems, they might, just might, focus on the Wii, but probably not. Say what you want about Wii graphics, I will agree, but when it comes down to it, for Wii owners, this is sure to be a huge release, and I am definitely going to place my pre-order for it.


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