Skyrim is probably one of the biggest games I've played yet.  The number of quests you can undertake is mind boggling (possibly because there are an infinite number of quests, as was released recently in a statement from Bethesda studios).  Since stepping into this epic world, I found myself yearning to simply run away and explore.  I dutifully completed the intro sequence as required, but as soon as the game let me outside to explore, I ran off to the far corners of the map.
Spoiler Warning! This contains minor spoilers for the College of Magic quests. If you haven't finished the College of Magic questline, do not continue to read!
My first item on the agenda was to find this College of Magic in Winterhold to see if I could rise through the ranks like in Oblivion.  The first thing I noticed, mages do not seem to be as organized as they were in Cyrodiil.  There aren't guilds in the cities, but rather just one central location at the College of Magic.  It makes sense though since Skyrim is a remote and far less civilized province than Cyrodiil.  The mages here are not any less dedicated to the study of magic however, as I soon found out after the first couple tasks they set me upon.  I eventually revealed the "main quest" for the college and set out to complete it.  This led me to discover some awesome ruins, a few new enemies, and some sweet loot.  Upon finally completing this task (about 8 hours later since I never use fast travel), I set off toward the city of Solitude to uncover a new mystery I discovered in an ancient stone city.

This is pretty much why I'm addicted to Skyrim.  You can set off and do whatever you feel like at your own pace.  I'll continue to post updates here on my time in Skyrim, so if you want more, check back in a few days!  I also recently created a Twitter account so go follow me @Eh_Rok if you want more updates!

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