Black Friday was a very successful shopping day for me this year.  I bought 10 brand new games for $120 bucks.  Needless to say, I've been playing through the stack the past few weeks, and I'm finally starting to finish up some of them.  Last night I finished playing through the single player campaign of Battlefield 3.  This is the first shooter I've played on "hard" difficulty in a long time, so it took me about a week to finally finish the campaign.  Look for that review sometime next week (hopefully before Christmas, if I'm not too busy).  The quick version is: it was fun.  I wouldn't rush out to buy it with all the other amazing games out right now, but if you've played everything else and are looking for a good shooter, this one is perfect.

Speaking of all the other good games that are out right now, I literally just finished playing through Batman: Arkham City about five minutes ago.  I got a little bored in the middle of the game (around the time I picked up Battlefield 3), but that boredom was short lived.  Once I turned my attention back to Batman, the game was amazing.  I absolutely love the story this time around, and the voice acting is phenomenal of course!  Look forward to the review for this one soon too!

The reason I'm not typing up the reviews right this second are because I'm not completely done with either game yet.  I still want to play some Battlefield 3 multiplayer, and I want to do some of the challenge maps in Batman and finish up some of the side quests.  I'm pretty busy getting ready for the holidays right now, but I should be able to finish up one of the two games enough to satisfactorily review for you before Christmas.  If you haven't already, go pick up Arkham City right now!  Now go play some games!

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