Alright guys, this week’s going to be a bit on the short side.  I’ve been crazy busy with work and my upcoming wedding so I haven’t had too much time to play anything (not that there is much worth playing that came out recently.)  As soon as I finish the game, I’ll try to get a full review up on Infamous 2, I think I’m about halfway through it right now.  Anyway, on to the blog!  Enjoy the reading!!

New Releases

This week has been a pretty slow week for game releases, so bear with me.  On the 1st, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon came out for 360 and PS3.  This game is a mediocre sci-fi shooter, with 3 player online co-op.  The game boasts 150 different weapons, and a fully destructible city, but with this number of weapons you’re bound to see some recycling.  Seems like it could be an interesting diversion, but probably not worth a buy, especially since the Resistance Dual pack came out on the 5th for PS3.  This pack contains both Resistance 1 and 2, on the greatest hits discs meaning you not only get both games, but a ton of the DLC as well.  If you haven’t played them, or even if you have but traded in your discs, this is an excellent buy!  Go get it and play it so you’re ready for Resistance 3 later this year!

July 5th was bursting with new releases with a grand total of 3!!! Yes guys, I know that’s a lot, but I’ll try to get through this heaping list. Other than the Resistance Dual Pack (does that count as 1 or 2 games??), PSP had a mini game called Ninjamurai released on PSN.  I honestly have no idea what it’s about, and really don’t care as it’s not a highly anticipated release.  We also got to see the release of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition for PC.  So if you played Super Street Fighter IV, and want to buy the same game again with just a little bonus DLC go ahead and spend another 40 bucks on something you can just download for a fraction of that price.

July 6th saw yet 2 more releases.  Dead Block, an XBLA strategy game which looks mildly entertaining, and Deadliest Warrior: Legends also on XBLA.  Deadliest Warrior: Legends is aparantly a remake of a previous Deadliest Warrior game with ENHANCED GRAPHICS and 9 ARENAS!!! Sorry, I jest.  The game looks like it could also provide some mild entertainment, but I’m just not into 3D fighting games so I probably won’t ever give it a try.

What I’m Playing

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been pretty busy with work, but I had the past two days off so I managed to get in a little bit of gaming.  I’ve still been working my way through Infamous 2 and my opinion on this game still stands: AMAZING!!  I absolutely love this game, the new powers, the new voice acting, the new look, everything!  I know, the first Infamous was a blast to play, but it got a little tedious after a few side missions.  I’ve noticed after about 30 side missions, they all feel new and fresh.  Yeah, there’s a little repetition, but non of that climb the building and disable 20 security cameras shit that you had to do 4 times in a row.  The variety of enemies and bosses seems better as well.  I’m about halfway through the game, and I really have no complaints yet.

I also played a bit of the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta.  *edit* Aparantly in the Terms of Service it says you're not supposed to talk about this game online at all.  A little strange since literally everyone has access to it with their free Playstation Plus accounts, but rules are rules.  I had to take down this part of the post, but check back once the game actually comes out for my impressions on the actual game itself!

Last, I went out and picked up The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for 3DS.  Playing this game brings back so many memories of Zelda games from the 1990’s.  It’s been a long, long, time since I’ve played anything on my N64, but from what I remember, they definitely did the game justice.  The graphics have definitely been improved.  The game is very pleasing on the eye (unless you’re playing it in 3D, then you’ll get a headache, but that’s not the games fault and it still looks gorgeous.)  Some of the new controls are brilliant.  I love the quick entry into item menus and the map from tabs on the touchscreen.  I also love the new motion control for looking around and using the slingshot.  It’s actually much easier to control than using the stick oddly enough.  I’m really excited to play this game more when I’m camping next week to see what else has been improved.

That’s it for this week.  As I just mentioned, I’ll be camping next week so my schedule will be messed up.  I may try to get a new blog post up Wednesday, but if I fail, there will be a new one on Monday when I get back!  Thanks for reading and remember to leave your comments so we can get some discussion going!!

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